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2017 Summer Day Camps:

img_1953Pictured: Campers taking part in our 2016 “Blast to the Past” Week. In this photo they are visiting the clock mechanism in Fredericton’s City Hall.

We are taking registrations for our 2017 Summer Day Camps and there is lots of space available!

You may register between 10 am to 4 pm during weekdays at the Museum Office (571 Queen Street) or by mail at:

Fredericton Region Museum, PO Box 1312, Station A, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 5C8

You can also register by Email Money Transfer! Please call our office for details at: 1 (506) 455- 6041

The museum operates six different weeks of summer day camps offering children 8 to 11 years of age an opportunity to directly explore some of Fredericton’s history and discover links to the City’s past. Our camps have a maximum of 10 Campers each week, allowing the children to fully participate and enjoy the week in their own way while also exploring and learning about our past in a fun and inclusive manner. Children take daily trips to nearby sites and visit heritage gems that make Fredericton a wonderful place to live.  With lots of time for creativity, campers play traditional and contemporary games, construct crafts, explore our heritage, make lasting friendships, and learn about our past in a very unique way!

Dates and Descriptions:
July 3 – 7:  A “March Pass” Through History
Focusing on how war affected Canada and the important role that men and women played in our military history, this week will be filled with games and activities that relate to The War of 1812, the Revolutionary War, and The First and Second World War. Canada’s modern role in maintaining peace will also be explored. March through history with us as we learn through guest speakers, games, activities, and outings.

July 10 – 14:  The History of Fun; Playing around with Heritage
What did people do for fun? What games did they play? What did they create? Learn about the history of arts, crafts, and recreation through fun, hands-on activities. Activities will include visits to historical and cultural sites (such as art galleries and museums), special guests, and historically significant games and crafts. Join us and learn about toys and games from the past while you play with them!

July 17 – 21:  Technology and Communication in Our Past
Calling all communicators! This week focuses on the history and evolution of communications and technologies that past generations used and enjoyed! Campers will participate with and learn about different types of technology and communication technologies from our past through crafts, field trips and games while also having lots of fun!

July 24 – 28:  Behind the Scenes of Fredericton Heritage
Campers will explore behind the scenes areas of several of Fredericton’s Heritage centers and find links to the city’s past. Children will take daily trips to nearby locations and visit heritage gems that make Fredericton a wonderful place to live. With lots of time for creativity, campers will play traditional and contemporary games, construct crafts, explore the secrets of heritage buildings, and make new friends.

July 31 – August 4:  Historical Foundations; Fredericton’s Architecture from the Ground Up!
This week is all about the history of architecture. Learn about Fredericton’s historic buildings with crafts, games, and field trips! Architecture can tell us a lot about what life was like in a different time, as well as what a building was used for. Join us as we unlock the mysteries of our local historic buildings!

August 8 – 11 (4 Day Camp):  Fredericton’s Past to Present
Let’s discover history, starting with Fredericton! Fredericton has many historic buildings that help tell the story of the city, which used to be very different than it is now! Once called Saint Anne’s Point, Fredericton has lots of reminders of its past. Join us as and see what life was like for Loyalists, First Nation Peoples, Acadians, and for the people of historic Marysville! Activities will include historic games and crafts, as well as trips to historic sites.

5 Day Camps: Members $130 / Non-Members $140
4 Day Camp: Members $105 / Non-Members $115
Spaces are open!

2017 Summer Day Camp Registration Forms and Further Information


A Taste of History: Part 2 SODA POP!


August 8th & 9th

Fizzy Creations: A History of Soda Pop!
Age: 5-12
Date: August 8th and 9th 2011
Time: 10-12 PM
Admission: $10 Per child

Before Pepsi and Coca Cola, people enjoyed bubbly natural spring water as they were fascinated by the fizzling fluid. For many years drinking carbonated water was seen as a healthy practice to which pharmacists would add birch bark, dandelion, sarsaparilla and fruit extracts for natural flavors. Suddenly the race was on to patent the best, most refreshing Soda pop. Join us on Monday and/or Tuesday, August 8th and 9th 2011 as we voyage through this incredible history and put ourselves to the task of creating our own formula of Soda pop. The most delicious creation will win a prize! Sign up with the pre registration form below and get your tickets today!

A Taste of History: Part 1 BUBBLEGUM!!

chewing creations

July 25,26 Bubblegum history

Have you ever wondered where bubble gum came from, or who invented soda pop? Maybe you asked yourself why ice cream is so tasty? The Fredericton Region Museum will answer all these questions and more during the month of July and August. The program theme for summer 2011 is “A Taste of History”, we will look at these fine products from a historical perspective to find out how bubble gum, pop and ice cream were first introduced and have developed into what they are today.

Let’s learn about our favorite snacks in a way that we never have before. At the Fredericton Region Museum we will be learning about the origin of these great treats and then making home-made versions from scratch. With the help of a “make it yourself” kit each child registered will be going home with their very own treats made by none other than themselves. Don’t miss your chance to be involved, sign up and get your tickets now before it’s too late! Bubble gum begins July 25th, 26th and 27th from 10am to 12pm each day.

It’s almost time to HOP INTO HISTORY with the Coleman Frog!!

The Coleman Frog

Come celebrate the excitement and joy that our Coleman frog brings to our visitors!

On Thursday, July 7th 2011, the Fredericton Region Museum will be hopping into history with our most famous resident, The Coleman Frog! Children will get to meet and greet our 42 pound frog and engage in arts and crafts designed to honor our amphibian friend. Come on in from 10am to 12pm with your kids and enjoy the festivities, get your face painted (froggy style), take home your very own frog, and take part in many other exciting events of the day. All are welcome but the arts and crafts of this program will be targeted to children ages 5-11. Every child will be involved in putting together the story of the Coleman frog, making a simple but fun frog on their own and finally creating a frog that jumps on its own. These jumping frogs will go head to head in a contest with a highly desirable prize that the kids will love!