Cancer Exhibit Submissions

On September 5th, 2015 the Fredericton Region Museum is launching a new exhibit entitled “Stories of Those Affected by Cancer” and we need your help! The museum invites the local community of the greater Fredericton region to submit your stories. Within the exhibit there will be essays, poetry (or in the case of children, art) selected for display from these submissions. If you wish to help in the creation of this exhibit, please see the submission guidelines below for essay, poetry or children’s artwork contributions.


To submit an essay or poetry please follow the guidelines below:

You may submit a mini-essay of a length between 200 to 1,000 words or a poem. The museum welcomes the use of visuals to illustrate your text.  Images should be of a high enough resolution to be suitable for printing.

Type your essay or poem in Word Processor and e-mail it to  along with a filled-out copy of the submission agreement (see below).  Please title the e-mail “Cancer Exhibit Submission” to ensure it will be read and properly categorized. If you are also submitting an image (photograph/illustration, etc.) in conjunction to your essay and/or poem please attach it to the same e-mail. Please include your full name in the e-mail and title of the accompanying essay or poem the image belongs to.

Essay Poem Submission Agreement (Please fill out and submit with essay/poem)

We cannot promise to use every submission in the exhibit and those included in the exhibit may be edited for length and clarity.

Please note that:

  • An Essay/Poem Submission Agreement Form must be submitted along with your essay and/or poem.
  • Essays and poems must be non-fiction.
  • You may submit both an essay and poem or multiple of each as long as they are written by the same author.
  • The length of essays must be at least 200 words and no more than 1,000 words.
  • No anonymous, author unknown or “as told to” submissions allowed.
  • Submissions can be in either English or French
  • Be sure to keep a duplicate copy of your essay and/or poem.
  • No previously published essays or poems will be accepted.
  • Submissions should be well-written and proof-read.
  • No corrections or changes will be accepted after submission.
  • Images must not depict any inappropriate material.

E-mail your submission to:


To submit children’s artwork please follow the guidelines below:

We want to know how cancer has affected the lives of everyone in our community but our younger members may not be able to write about it.  We are happy to receive children’s artwork for display in the exhibit.

Original artwork will not be returned but instead will be scanned and posted to the Fredericton Region Museum blog where it can be viewed at any time.

Children’s Art Submission Agreement (Please print this page and sign it)

To mail your child’s artwork please enclose the art in an envelope along with a signed copy of the Children’s Art Submission Agreement and mail to this address:

Fredericton Region Museum
P.O. Box 1312
Station A
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5C8

To submit your child’s artwork in person please enclose the art in an envelope along with a signed copy of the Children’s Art Submission Agreement and drop it off during our office hours at this location*:

571 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB

*You may leave your envelope with the front office located to left of the front doors after entering.

Please note that:

  • Submissions must be on 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper.
  • You may submit children’s artwork by mail or in person only.
  • Do not fold the art.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by a copy of the Children’s Art Submission Agreement.
  • The museum will keep all original artwork it receives.


Support our project, please donate!

We need your help!

The Fredericton Region Museum is a non-profit organization and relies on grants and financial support from members of the community.   We are asking for support for the community cancer exhibit proposed for this Autumn.  The York Sunbury Historical Society will issue a charitable receipt for income tax purposes; you will also be recognized in our annual general report and acknowledged on our social media endeavours unless otherwise indicated by you.  The museum will also invite you to attend the exhibit opening.

Donate here.



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