Wood Plank Floor Gallery

The exhibit in this gallery has made the room unsuitable for receptions and meetings.  We are planning to renovate the exhibit soon and hope that it will once again be available.

Located on the main floor, the Wood Plank Floor Gallery is tucked around a corner on the main floor. A small room, it is ideal for small meetings.

The Fredericton Region Museum has hosted committee meetings in this room. The Fredericton North Heritage Association has held a meeting in this room and Celtic Discovery Performing Troupe has held a Celtic Guitar workshop in the space.

Room Size
14’ x 14’ 8” – Approximately 196 square feet

Banquet Style (60″ wide round tables) – Maximum 16 people
Conference Style (Attendees sat on all sides) – Maximum 8 to 10 people
Theatre or Auditorium Style (Rows of chairs) – Maximum 20 people
Reception Style – Maximum 21 people

These calculations are an approximation of room capacity. Extra room square footage will need to be subtracted to accommodate staging and audio-visual requirements, especially rear projection. Also, allow for any exhibits or other obstructions.


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