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Inspecting the City Guard!

Dear Friends,

I would like to let each of you know that I will be leaving my position with the York-Sunbury Historical Society this month.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the Fredericton Region Museum, and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work in such a meaningful way with our community.  Thank you for the support and encouragement you have provided me over the last nine years.

The time I have spent immersed in the museum’s collection and sharing its stories has been glorious.  There are so many aspects of the job that I have enjoyed including the summers spent with talented students, misdirected squirrels and terrorizing spiders!  The frigid winter temperatures , the bats that came to visit …. power outages … floodwaters … so much water, so many memories!

I have had days when excited visitors dropped by the office at the end of their visit to tell me that they found their ancestor in our exhibit.  One patron, just the other day found her grandmother!  There were also times when visitors have been so moved by our displays that they have cried.  Discovering your history can be a powerful experience.

Every gallery in the museum has been redone, some more than once, over a span of nine years’ worth of Exhibits Committees!  For a small volunteer based museum, exhibit projects can be a big commitment.  Nevertheless, we never shied away from the challenge.  I have enjoyed working with many curators researching, writing, editing and selecting artefacts.  Many hours were spent installing panels on walls that would not cooperate and trying to make things level in a building where everything is crooked.  I pretty much gave up on making things level.

I have spent countless hours examining artefacts with volunteers, interns and students as we re-organized the storage rooms.  The collection is wonderful and it has been an honour accepting artefacts on behalf of the society.  Being entrusted with precious pieces of the past is a tremendous responsibility, which was not lost on me.  To provide the best care possible, I have worked with the Collections Committee to overhaul the museum’s policies, procedures, health and safety as well as the emergency plan.  The unfortunate members of the committee spent a great amount of time reviewing documents as we edited for several months, if not years!

A great deal of effort has been placed on ensuring that the museum is welcoming for our younger community members.  The youth are the future and if we want the museum to be here 20, 30 and 100 years from now, we need to consider them in our planning.  My daughter has been a tremendous help from the moment I started.  She set up games and even ran a tearoom on the balcony for several years.  Since then, we started a day camp program and now have interactives in every gallery.  Some are simpler than others are because, frankly, interactives do not have to be complicated to be entertaining.

When I mention family, I should acknowledge the many members of my family who have assisted me.  My husband has installed many exhibits, edited countless documents, designed exhibit components, helped develop programs and run more errands than I could count.  My children, parents, siblings and extended family have all played a role in the many projects that I have undertaken.  My mother passed away a few years ago but through her art and interest in history, she left a wonderful and enduring legacy at the museum.

Even though I will miss my colleagues, visitors, partners, the board, committees and the museum, I am looking forward to starting a new adventure and phase of my career.

Thanks again.  It has been a pleasure working with you.

Best Regards,


YSHS Members First Annual Art Exhibition Invitation to Display Works

YSHS Members First Annual Art Exhibition
Invitation to Display Works
September 2016

Each year, the York-Sunbury Historical Society invites member artists and artisans to participate in our Annual Members Art Exhibition.  This unique art show allows member artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their current work in the Fredericton Region Museum and to use the museum space to inspire new works.

Visual artists who are members of the York-Sunbury Historical Society exhibit and offer their work for sale on consignment in the museum’s seasonal flex gallery on the main floor during the month of September.

To Participate

Email the Executive Director with the following after June 1st and before 5pm, on the third Friday in August:

  • contact information
  • a short bio (100-150 words),
  • at least two (2) images of your work (300DPI in jpeg format),
  • dimensions of work (so that we can plan the space)
  • artist photo (300DPI in jpeg format), and
  • a short description of your work

If Selected You

  • give permission to the Fredericton Region Museum to use your biography, name, likeness and artwork for media information and publicity purposes
  • certify that the artwork submitted is original artwork created by you
  • agree to abide by the rules and guidelines laid out
  • recognize that any insurance coverage of the artwork is your full responsibility



  • The artist must be a member in good standing of the York-Sunbury Historical Society
  • All works must be original to the participating artist and not assisted, imported or manufactured by others.
  • It is up to the artist to price the submitted work.
  • The artwork being shown will be limited to two to four (2 to 4) pieces per artist depending on size and space.
  • Artwork must be able to attach to the Centre’s installed hanging system.
  • Participants will not hold the YSHS responsible for breakage or damage of work.
  • The YSHS earns a 20% consignment rate on all works sold while on display at the museum.

Artists will be contacted about any sales enquiries during the exhibition.

November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 (PFD):  YSHS Christmas Luncheon Announcement; YSHS November Program; Sharing Our History – New Brunswick and the World Wars; Call for Article Submissions; The FRM Welcomes ARTS3000 Intern, Edna!; A Message from Your Membership Chair

First World War Traveling Exhibit Launch

Fredericton, NB (February 16, 2015) – On Monday, February 16th, the Fredericton Region Museum is opening the travelling exhibit, “New Brunswickers and the Great War”.  The exhibit commemorates the contributions of New Brunswickers during the First World War and will travel for the next two years.

The Fredericton Region Museum’s First World War exhibit has always been a favourite with visitors of all ages. The continued interest in the First World War events and people is a testament to the war’s impact on society. It continues to spark an interest in academics and the public alike. The horrific conditions of the war front and the enormous loss of life are almost incomprehensible today. The world changed in a generation.

The Canadian military fought valiantly during the Battle of Passchendaele and proved itself at Vimy Ridge.  Local involvement in an international conflict brought the war home to New Brunswick through the men who fought, the women who joined the nursing sisters and the families and industries who supported them on the home front.

The exhibit was curated by Brent Wilson from the Gregg Centre for Military Studies.  Wilson has taught over 40 courses in military history in the University of New Brunswick’s Department of History and for RMC’s Department of Continuing Education at CFB Gagetown.

The launch will take place at the Carleton Street Armoury in downtown Fredericton. beginning at 7pm with presentations from key guest speakers and will be followed by a viewing of the exhibit and refreshments. Those presenting at the event will include Kevin Price, Executive Assistant to the Honourable Keith Ashfield, P.C., M.P., Maxine Campbell, the President of the York Sunbury Historical Society and Brent Wilson.

The Fredericton Region Museum and York Sunbury Historical Society would like to thank the World War Commemorations Community Fund for their generous contribution to the project as well as Brent Wilson and the Gregg Centre for Military Studies for their contribution of knowledge, management skills and ongoing support of our organization.  The Society and Museum wishes to express their appreciation to the Carleton Street Armoury, the City of Fredericton, the Province of New Brunswick, and the many volunteers for making this exhibit possible.

About the Fredericton Region Museum:
The Fredericton Region Museum was founded in 1934 by the York Sunbury Historical Society. In 1959, the Museum found permanent headquarters in the Officers’ Quarters (571 Queen Street) in the heart of downtown Fredericton. The Society and Museum remain a non-profit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers.

The Fredericton Region Museum will be having our annual Open House event this summer on Sunday, August 10th, from 10 am – 5pm! This event will feature the grand unveiling of the First World War Vimy Ridge trench exhibit. We are excited to unveil our new exhibit to the public as we have worked very hard and are extremely proud with the level of detail we’ve included. This immersive exhibit has been a huge undertaking and we are certain you’ll love it as much as we do. It does an amazing job at capturing the trench life experience that so many were forced to live through.

We are offering coupons for Hannah’s Tea Place, located on our second floor balcony. There, visitors can purchase historic refreshments and are invited to help make dog and cat toys for the Fredericton SPCA. The first 100 attendees at the Open House will receive coupons for Hannah’s Tea Place.

The new musical group Sona will be performing during the day on the balcony. They are a new group composed of young Fredericton students. Sona sings in English, French, and Gaelic. Make sure you don’t miss their performance!

A white gloves tour will allow visitors to get up close and personal with many of our artefacts located on the third floor. Door prizes, crafts for children and the sale of our popular root beer floats complete the day.

Remember that Open House means that we will not be charging admission. This means the whole family can come for free! So please come to the museum August 10th if you are looking for a fun filled day in down town Fredericton.

Hannah Ingraham at the Fredericton Region Museum

On the second floor balcony of the Fredericton Region Museum, a young girl from colonial times serves iced tea and cookies. Spencer Murgatroyd dresses in period costume as Hannah Ingraham, a woman of Loyalist descent who arrived in Fredericton from New York State in 1783 at the age of 11. She was a refugee, escaping political persecution after the American Revolution.

American rebels arrested Hannah’s father because of his loyalty to Britain during the American Revolution. He escaped into the forest where he joined other partisans and eventually joined the King’ Army. During his absence, rebels stripped Hannah and her mother of their farm, leaving them with a few sheep and a cow. They remained on their now confiscated farm, but were forced to pay rent. After the war ended in the United States, the family continued to suffer persecution, they, therefore, decided to flee Albany for Saint John, New Bruswick, then called the colony of Nova Scotia.

Near the end of their journey, the family faced a troubling storm in the Bay of Fundy. Thankfully some “Frenchmen” (MacLeod 4) in a canoe came to their aid. After arriving in Saint John in October of 1983, Hannah and her parents were given mattresses and a tent in which they camped on the banks of the St. John River. Conditions were far from comfortable as snow and rain fell upon the land soaking clothing and mattresses. The Ingrahams eventually travelled up the river and settled in St. Ann’s, later named Fredericton. Hannah, never married and therefore remained with her parents until the death of her father in 1810. She then moved to Bear Island, a community northwest of the city of Fredericton, in order to live with her brother, Ira. Ira Ingraham’s house was moved from Bear Island to King’s Landing Historical Settlement.

Come on out and meet Hannah Ingraham at Hannah’s Tea Place, located on our 2nd floor balcony overlooking Officers’ Square. Hours of operation are Mon-Tues 1pm-4pm and Thurs – Fri. 1pm-4pm.


Peter MacLeod, Canadian Military History, vol. 12, issue 2, Article 3, 1-20-2012.

Madrigal Artisans gift shop at the Museum

Formed in 2013, The Madrigal Artisans, a branch of the Madrigal Players, opened a gift shop found at the second entrance of the Fredericton Region Museum, 571 Queen Street in Officers’ Square.

Along with their arts and crafts for sale, The Madrigal Artisans will be offering art and craft activities/classes. Items available for sale at the shop include handmade jewellery, homemade honey from Thomas Apary, homemade chocolate, dough dolls, stuffed toys, keychains and quilts. They will also be selling cold beverages.

Madrigal Artisan gift shop hours are Monday –Thursday, 11am – 5pm, or by chance. The Fredericton Region Museum hours are Sunday to Saturday from 10-5 throughout the months of July and August.