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2015 Summer Student Jobs at the History Museum!

Fredericton Region Museum staff and volunteers after fire extinguisher training with the Fire Department, July 2015.

Fredericton Region Museum staff and volunteers after fire extinguisher training with the Fire Department, July 2015.

The Fredericton Region Museum has a limited number of summer student opportunities each year as funding is dependent upon grants from Young Canada WorksStudent Employment Experience Development (SEED) and Canada Summer Jobs.  Interested students should research the youth employment programs and ensure that they qualify and, if applicable, are registered with the program candidate banks.

The grant deadlines have come and gone and, as always, the museum has submitted several applications.  There is no guarantee that all our applications will be approved, but if you are a student and interested in working at the museum then you should be registered with SEED and Young Canada Works.  Canada Summer Jobs does not have registration criteria but visit their website to review their employment guidelines.  If any of the grants are approved then we will be posting update to our Facebook page.

Since funding is limited, we suggest that you apply for more than one position if you are interested in working at the museum this summer.  Below is our dream list of summer positions; fingers crossed that our applications are approved!

Young Canada Works
– Artefact Cataloguing Officer
– Manager of Education and Interpretation
– Museum Operations Coordinator

Canada Summer Jobs
Visitor Services & Program Officer

– Development Assistant and/or
Collections Program and Social Media Officer

About the Fredericton Region Museum: The York Sunbury Historical Society founded the Fredericton Region Museum in 1934.  In 1959, the museum found permanent headquarters in the Officers’ Quarters (571 Queen Street) in the heart of downtown Fredericton.  The society and museum remain a non-profit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers.

March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 (PDF) YSHS Annual General Meeting; Museum Summer Day Camps; Reflecting on the War of 1812 with the Latest Officers’ Quarters!; March Program; April Program

The History of Art at the Fredericton Region Museum

The Fredericton Region Museum will be offering a free activity for children ages 6 and up as part of Culture Days. Children will visit our 19th Century Drawing Room and learn about the style and history of the portraits. Children will then have an opportunity to draw their own portrait, or to draw a friend’s! We hope to see you all there! Done forget to bring your creativity.

Where: The Fredericton Region Museum
When: Saturday, September 27th from 10:00AM until 11:00AM
Cost: Free!

Click here to register:

cultue days event picture

Geocaching Event to Commemorate the Great War

A German machine-gun emplacement of reinforced concrete on the crest of Vimy Ridge, and the Canadians who seized it

Join us for an exciting event to commemorate New Brunswick in the Great War. The Gregg Centre and the Fredericton Region Museum have commissioned the Regt Major NBGWGP to establish a Geotour of the Greater Fredericton Area. During the event, the design for the commemorative Great War geocoin will be revealed. There will also be guest speakers, light refreshments, and tours of the new trench exhibit. There will also a scavenger hunt to find a copy of “The Bitter Harvest of War” (donated by Goose Lane), which will be hidden somewhere in the museum.

The event will take place tomorrow, August 27th at the Fredericton Region Museum. The event will start at 6:30PM and go until 8:00PM.

We hope to see you there!

bitter harvest of war

Goose Lane Tappan Adney Vol. 2 Book Launch

The event is being held at the Fredericton Region Museum, 571 Queen Street, on Wednesday July 9 at 7:00pm. 

Join us for an event featuring the second volume in the popular Tappan Adney series published by Goose Lane Editions that covers 1891 to 1896 in New Brunswick’s hunting and fishing way of life. The book is a fascinating record of how we forged our traditional ties to nature that still draw us to it today.

Book contributors Andrea Bear Nicholas and Daryl Hunter will be the guest speakers featured for the evening.

This event is free and open to the public. All are welcome.

Books will be available for purchase.

Artist in Residence at Fredericton Region Museum

The Fredericton Region Museum is pleased to be hosting an artist-in-residence program for the second time this summer. This program seeks to make connections between artists and Fredericton’s cultural heritage by engaging the art community directly and meaningfully, while creating an experience for visitors that is unique.

This year’s artist is a painter/sketcher who specializes in painting and sketching people at outdoor activities using acrylics and water colours. When not doing individual portraits of the willing, Derek Davidson is often found at outdoor activities capturing the crowd on canvas or painting the interactions of people socializing at a restaurant. He is a post-impressionist painter who is an active member of Fredericton’s arts community.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with Derek, the artist in residence, who will provide an easel and canvas for the public to paint along with him, beginning July 2. All ages are invited to participate. He will have a gallery room in the museum from July 1-19 but will often be found painting on the second floor balcony. He will be engaged in painting people and activities around the museum during his residency.

The Fredericton Region Museum is a non-profit organization mandated with the collection, preservation and interpretation of the history of the Region of Fredericton. Hours of operation are Sunday to Saturday from 10-5 throughout the months of July and August.

The York Sunbury Historical Society wishes to express their appreciation to the city of Fredericton’s Arts, Culture & Heritage Project by whom this project was made possible.

Summer Camp Themes and Dates!

The summer camp themes and dates have been decided !

Create and Play!- July 7-11

This week will focus on the history of arts, crafts and recreation. What did people do for fun? What games did they play and what did they create? Learn about the past through fun, hands on activities. Activities will include visits to historical and cultural sites (such as art galleries and museums), special guests, and historically significant games and crafts. Join us and lean about toys and games from the past while you play with them!

Blast to the Past: Fredericton Edition– July 14 – 18

Come discover history, starting with Fredericton! Fredericton has many historic churches and buildings that help tell the story of the town, which used to be called Saint Anne’s Point. Join us as and see what life was like for the Loyalists, the First Nations, Acadians, and for the people of historic Marysville! Activities will include historic games and crafts, as well as trips to historical buildings. 

Marching Through History- July 21 – 25

This week will focus on how war affected Canada and the important role that men and women played in fighting for freedom. Games and activities will focus on The War of 1812, the Revolutionary War, and World War I and II. Canada’s modern role in maintaining peace will also be discussed. March through history with us as we learn through guest speakers, games, activities, and outings.

The Museum: An Inside Story- July 28 – August 1

Do you want to learn more about museums? Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes? Join us as we visit museums around Fredericton to get the inside story. Come find out how artefacts are catalogued and preserved.  Not only will there be tours, but also museum themed games and activities.

Food for Thought- August 5 – 8 (4 days)

Do you love to cook, and history? Why not combine the two and learn about the history of food? Join us as we make and learn about historic dishes. There will be guest speakers and outings all focused on food and how it changed throughout history.

Building History- August 11 – 15

This week will focus on the history of architecture. Learn about historic buildings through crafts, games and field trips! Architecture can tell us a lot about what life was like at a certain time as well as what a building was used for. Join us as we unlock the mysteries of historic buildings.

Rates:  5 Day Camps  • Members $130 / Non-Members $140 
4 Day Camp (August 5-8)  • Members $105 / Non-Members $115 

For more information or to register for camp, click here :