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Preserve Your Memories at the Fredericton Region Museum

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On Saturday, September 26th, come and preserve your memories at a scrapbooking workshop located in the heart of the Fredericton Region Museum.

The Fredericton Region Museum launched it’s contemporary participatory exhibit entitled Stories of Those Affected by Cancer on September 5th. While constructing this exhibit, the museum called upon members of the community to submit experiences in the forms of essays, poems, songs, art and scrapbook pages. The community answered with overwhelming enthusiasm; but we are looking for more.

On September 26th, the museum will open its doors from 1 until 3 pm and host a scrapbooking workshop lead by Lynn Richard from A Pile of Scrap. Lynn will set up her studio for two hours in the cancer exhibit itself and demonstrate to attendees how something as horrible as cancer, can become art.

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The Fredericton Region Museum is excited to be holding this program in line with Culture Days!  Culture Days works with artists and organizations to help and raise “the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.” Culture Days is a free and invigorating experience for all involved!

Did we mention that it is free? From 1 until 3 pm there will be no admission charge to enter the museum and attend the workshop! So come and experience history, be creative and learn how to preserve your memories.

Fredericton Region Museum to be Launching New Exhibit on Cancer

Fredericton Region Museum to be launching new exhibit on cancer this autumn. The date of the launch is set for September 5, 2015 at the Fredericton Region Museum in downtown Fredericton.

FREDERICTON, NB – Aug 12, 2015 – Entitled “Stories of Those Affected by Cancer,” the new exhibit from the Fredericton Region Museum forms its main content through contributions gathered from the surrounding community. Members of the local community are encouraged to submit their own story on how cancer has had an effect on their lives. Submissions come in the form of essays and poetry and may be accompanied by photographs as well. Stories are welcomed both before and after launch – the exhibit room will house furniture and materials that guests may use to record their own story which can then become part of the exhibit as well.

As we travel further into an age of technology and globalization, it becomes easy to form a disconnect between ourselves and our local community. This project helps to remedy that by giving people a platform to connect with others around them through a shared experience. Visitors to the museum can expect to feel a sense of solidarity when reading stories similar to their own lived experiences.

For those who are not as familiar with the disease, the Fredericton Region Museum has partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society in order to provide informational panels that can inform guests on the statistics of the illness to better understand the real effect cancer has had on Canadian lives.

Local businesses and organizations have joined hands to help with every aspect of this project. The Canadian Cancer Society, the New Brunswick Literacy Coalition, the University of New Brunswick, the Crown Plaza, the Fredericton Public Library, A Pile of Scrap, and local writer Biff Mitchell have all had a part in bringing this exhibit together, making it a truly community-built venture.

The Fredericton Region Museum aims to provide a history for future generations to look back upon which is why it so important that we work to actively preserve our stories and experiences now. Today’s events are tomorrow’s history and through “Stories of Those Affected by Cancer”, we can make available a collection of stories that can reach out and touch people now and in the future.

The Fredericton Region Museum was founded in 1934 by the York Sunbury Historical Society. It is a non-profit organization and runs largely on the support of donations, volunteers and a small number of paid staff. The museum is located in downtown Fredericton at 571 Queen Street in the former Officers’ Quarters.

Any person interested in submitting their story to be featured in this exhibit can find out more information on how to contribute here:

To learn more about the inspiration behind this exhibit and how it came into existence, look here:

For any further questions about “Stories of Those Affected by Cancer” please contact the museum at:

Phone: (506) 455-6041

History Themed Summer Day Camps

We’ve had a wonderful summer here at the Fredericton Region Museum. One of our favourite parts were the history themed summer day camps. This year, we offered four fun-filled and educational weeks.

Our first camp was the Blast to the Past: The Fredericton Edition camp. This camp was certainly a blast! We visited all kinds of historic places like the Government House, the tapestries at City Hall, the Barracks in the Historic Garrison District, the jail under Science East, and Christ Church Cathedral. We learned all about the city of Fredericton and what it was like when it was called Saint Anne’s Point.


Our second week of camp was Marching Through History, where we learned all about Canada’s military history. We received special presentations from Greg Fekner, who works at the New Brunswick Military History Museum, in Gagetown. The Guards in Officer’s Square visited us and gave special presentations about their uniforms and activities. We also had the chance to dress up like soldiers in the Day in the Life of a Soldier activity at the Barracks in the Historic Garrison District.


The next week of camp was called The Museum: An Inside Story. This was a very special week where campers had the opportunity to see behind the scenes at museums in Fredericton. We learned about accessioning artefacts, storing them, and even about how to repair them! We visited places like the UNB Archives, The School Days Museum, and the Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery. We even made and accessioned our own artefacts!


The final week of camp was simply delicious! It was our Food for Thought camp. We learned about cooking throughout history! What we ate changed with time and helped us to survive. We learned about and made many interesting foods such as chocolate, trench cake, bubble gum, and bread!


Overall, we had an awesome summer. We will miss having our mini historians visiting the museum. We couldn’t have asked for a better summer. Thank you to all our happy campers and special guests! We couldn’t have done it without you. See you all next year!

Open House at the Fredericton Region Museum

The Fredericton Region Museum would like to invite everyone and their families for a free fun-filled day at the Museum on August 2nd from 10:00AM until 5:00PM.

Every year our Open House event gets bigger and better and we are certain that this year will be the best yet. This is the only day on our calendar that the admission fees are waived at the museum. That’s right, FREE ADMISSION! To top it all off there will be plenty of free activities and live music for everyone to enjoy!

This year’s theme is “Playing with History” and to suit our theme we’ve hired a toymaker to build us a collection of historically accurate antique styled games, such as Battledore and Graces. Guests of all ages are welcome to come and play with these marvelous handmade toys.

There will also be a guessing game where a collection of strange unidentified artifacts will be on display and pens and paper will be available so that guests can leave a guess as to what the item was used for.

Another aspect of the day that is exclusive to this event will be access to the workrooms of the third floor of our building. The third floor workrooms are where all incoming and outgoing artefacts are handled and processed. The third floor is restricted to all but staff except for this one day each year.

And of course the Icing on the Cake will be live entertainment on our Balcony. SONA, a marvelous local folk band will be playing English, French and Celtic music for all in Officers’ Square to hear. Hannah’s Tea Place will also be open on the balcony, where Benjamin Ingraham will be selling scrumptious tea and cookies.

Don’t forget, all admission and activities are FREE August 2nd. We can’t wait to see all of you for this, the biggest event on our Calendar.

Welcoming Dr. Krista Wilkins & Upcoming Writing Workshop

The Fredericton Region Museum is happy to welcome Dr. Krista Wilkins, assistant professor in the nursing faculty at the University of New Brunswick, as a new partner/co-curator for our upcoming exhibit, “Stories of Those Affected by Cancer”.

Dr. Wilkins is contributing the results of her research on two-time cancer survivors. Her research involves interviewing people about their experiences and capturing their stories through meaningful photographs. A select portion of these photographs will be displayed in the new exhibit.

We are proud to join hands with another branch of the community in producing this project and look forward to an improved and more engaging exhibit thanks to our new team member, Krista Wilkins.

Also coming up is a writing workshop facilitated by Biff Mitchell. This workshop is intended to help those who have been affected by cancer put their story into words. The workshop is free and those attending may choose to submit their story for an upcoming exhibit due to launch this autumn. (“Stories of Those Affected by Cancer)

The workshop will be held in the Wolastoq Room of the Fredericton Public Library on June 17th from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM. We hope you can join us!


Brewing Up Support for Local Museum!

The gift from Sean Dunbar and his brewery, Picaroons, was presented to the York Sunbury Historical Society President, Maxine Campbell, prior to the Annual General Meeting on May 21st.

The gift from Sean Dunbar and his brewery, Picaroons, was presented to the York Sunbury Historical Society President, Maxine Campbell, prior to the Annual General Meeting on May 21st.

Fredericton, NB (June 1, 2015) – A local brewer, passionate about New Brunswick’s history and giving back to the community, has donated $10,000 to the York Sunbury Historical Society, the largest private financial donation it has ever received.

The gift from Sean Dunbar and his brewery, Picaroons, was presented to the York Sunbury Historical Society President, Maxine Campbell, prior to its Annual General Meeting on May 21st.   The generous donation will go toward supporting the Fredericton Region Museum’s operations, development of history education and exhibit programs, and collections management projects.

Picaroons Traditional Ales, in the spirit of giving back to the community in conjunction with highlighting points of New Brunswick history, prepared to develop a series of beers each of which would have a specific commemorative label. The 104th Regiment Brown Ale marked the first in his series. This represents the first in a series of partnerships between Picaroons Traditional Ales and historical institutions in New Brunswick.

Picaroons offered to donate twenty-five cents from the sale of each bottle of the 104th Regiment Brown Ale to the Fredericton Region Museum, which operates under the auspices of the York Sunbury Historical Society. “We were thrilled when Picaroons approached us about the 104th ale initiative,” states York Sunbury Historical Society Executive Director, Ruth Murgatroyd. “We are incredibly appreciative of this donation.” The brown ale continues to be popular now under the new label, the Connell Stamp. Twenty-five cents from every bottle sold will be donated to the Connell House – Home of the Carleton County Historical Society in Woodstock.

About the Fredericton Region Museum:
The York Sunbury Historical Society founded the Fredericton Region Museum in 1934. In 1959, the museum found permanent headquarters in the (571 Queen Street) in the heart of downtown Fredericton. The society and museum remain a non-profit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers. Spring hours (April – June) are Tuesday – Saturday 1-4pm.

Spring Workshops for New Exhibit

On September 5th the Fredericton Region Museum will be launching our newest exhibit, Stories of Those Affected by Cancer.”

We are currently collecting submissions here.

Knowing that it is difficult to write about such a meaningful experience, we would like to provide the public with some tools to help put their stories onto paper. In partnership with the Fredericton Public Library, we are hosting two workshops this spring to help gather potential submissions for our new exhibit.

Writing Workshop:

The first is a writing workshop hosted by Biff Mitchell that will help you to channel your feelings and experiences into written word.

When: Saturday May 30th, 1PM-4PM

Where: Chickadee Hall of the Fredericton Public Library

Scrapbooking Workshop:

The second workshop is a scrapbooking workshop intended to allow you to present your story in a creative manner or help to memorialize a loved one lost to cancer. The scrapbooking workshop will be hosted Lynn Richard of A Pile of Scrap!

When: Saturday June 6th, 1PM-3PM

Where: The Wolastoq Room in the Fredericton Public Library

We hope you can join us!

Spring Workshops