The Fredericton Region Museum is holding an event in recognition of local artist Linda Bartlett!

Linda Bartlett has become an increasingly high profile artist in the Fredericton Region. Her home in Sheffield has inspired a whole series of historic and contemporary landscapes that she has shared with the public in such places as the United church in Sheffield and, most recently, the Art Attic.

The Art Attic is Linda’s personally designed and hand-crafted studio. The paintings now hang there to be enjoyed by artists who stop by in response to Linda’s open invitation to artists seeking creative space. If you’re interested in learning more about the Art Attic, follow this link to the Facebook page.

Linda has recently published a collection of her works depicting the Sheffield area called Sheffield A Place in Time. It is for this reason that the event is being held. The publication of Sheffield A Place in Time, with its stunning collection of landscapes, coincides with the 250th anniversary of the Maugerville/Sheffield area, making it an exceptional commemoration and testament to the historic and contemporary beauty of the area.

The evening will also feature a performance by Inishowen fiddle winner Sidney Murgatroyd, who has been honoured in his own right, on several occasions. 



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