Mysterious Cubes!

We are trying to discover what exactly these small black cubes are.

In 1984, the museum recieved a small bag filled with strange black cubes. They are mostly smooth and appear to be plastic. They were donated by a man named David Myles. He is a nephew of Mrs. J. H. Ramsay, who lived at the Mrs. J. H. Ramsay Estate on George Street, Fredericton at the time of donation.

Close-up of a couple of the oddly shaped cubes.

We have noticed that not all of the cubes are shaped the same. Many are slanted and dented.

Close-up of the small bag containing the cubes.

We are also wondering what these small black cubes might have to do with DeMoulin Bros. & Co, manufacturers of uniforms, banners, badges, lodge supplies and church furniture, as seen in the photo above.

Do you know what these might be?

Perhaps they were once part of a game? Any information concerning these objects is appreciated!


One response to “Mysterious Cubes!

  1. In a Masonic Lodge these might be the “balls ” used to vote on a new candidate for initiatation. Each member is given a white one and a black one and asked to cast his ballot, black to reject, white to accept, hence the term “blackballed”. The description on the bag is similar to what a supplier of Masonic Regalia might also be into.

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