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Mysterious Cubes!

We are trying to discover what exactly these small black cubes are.

In 1984, the museum recieved a small bag filled with strange black cubes. They are mostly smooth and appear to be plastic. They were donated by a man named David Myles. He is a nephew of Mrs. J. H. Ramsay, who lived at the Mrs. J. H. Ramsay Estate on George Street, Fredericton at the time of donation.

Close-up of a couple of the oddly shaped cubes.

We have noticed that not all of the cubes are shaped the same. Many are slanted and dented.

Close-up of the small bag containing the cubes.

We are also wondering what these small black cubes might have to do with DeMoulin Bros. & Co, manufacturers of uniforms, banners, badges, lodge supplies and church furniture, as seen in the photo above.

Do you know what these might be?

Perhaps they were once part of a game? Any information concerning these objects is appreciated!


Robert Dallison speaks on New Brunswick’s role in the War of 1812

A Neighbourly War: New Brunswick and the War of 1812 by Robert Dallison

A Neighbourly War: New Brunswick and the War of 1812
By Robert Dallison

On Wednesday, 25 April, Robert Dallison will speak to his upcoming publication, A Neighbourly War: New Brunswick and the War of 1812.

7:00 pm at Connell House – 128 Connell Street, Woodstock, NB Refreshments will be served. All are welcome to attend.

Just in time for the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, a little-known chapter in the struggle between British North America and the United States.

With Great Britain and France engaged in a life-and-death struggle, it seemed like a perfect time for the United States to declare war on Britain. Fearing the possibility of invasion, the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly and the generally citizenry — fearing for their life, families, and property — took every possible measure to prepare for war.

For a moment in history, a state of neutrality was established along the Maine border, and New Brunswickers turned to supporting British campaigns in Upper and Lower Canada and naval operations along the Atlantic coast. Then, with Napoleon’s defeat, Great Britain became more aggressive, and New Brunswick took the opportunity to try to resolve their disputed boundary with Maine. The British army occupied the Penobscot River Valley and northern Maine was declared a part of New Brunswick.

2012 Summer Student Employment Opportunities

Changing of the Guard Ceremony outside the Fredericton Region Museum (2010)

Changing of the Guard Ceremony outside the Fredericton Region Museum (2010)

The Fredericton Region Museum has a very limited number of summer student opportunities each year. As funding is dependent upon grants (Young Canada Works, SEED/PEP and Canada Summer Jobs), interested students should research the youth employment programs and ensure that they qualify and are registered with the program candidate banks. SEED/PEP applications have an early deadline so please submit your application on time! Positions will be posted and interviews will be scheduled once funding commitments are received. Please send your resume and covering letter to the office addressed to the Executive Director.

Summer 2012 Grant Applications
The summer student grant application deadlines have come and gone and the Fredericton Region Museum has submitted applications to three organizations this year. There is no guarentee that we will be recieving funding but if you are a student and interested in working at the museum then you should be registered with SEED, Young Canada Works and Canada Summer Jobs. If any of the grants are approved then we will be updating the website so check back on a regular basis!

We will not be approved for all grants so if you are interested in working at the Fredericton Region Museum during the summer then please apply for more than one position.

The Fredericton Region Museum has submitted student grant applications for the following positions (click the job title for details):

Artefact Cataloguing Officer (Young Canada Works grant)

Manager of Education and Interpretation (Young Canada Works grant)

Museum Operations Coordinator (Young Canada Works grant)

Development Assistant (Canada Summer Jobs grant)

Collections Assistant/Visitor Services Officer (SEED/PEP grant) – Please note that we do not usually receive two grants for and will only hire for one of these two positions.

Some things to remember when applying for a listed position:
The Fredericton Region Museum has a very limited number of job opportunities each year as funding is dependent upon grants. Job advertisements are posted as the need arises. Resumes received after a stipulated competition end date will not be considered.

Apply in person to the Executive Director at 571 Queen Street with a resume and cover letter during regular business hours.

No phone calls please. It is preferred that applications are dropped off in person since we sometimes do a pre-interviews on the spot if time permits. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

About our Volunteer Positions.

University of New Brunswick Faculty of Arts Internship – Community-Based Learning Pogram

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A Different Perspective

Can you guess what this object is?

At first glance, these appear to be some sort of 3D glasses, but this interesting little thing happens to be a medical object. These are called Anaglyph glasses, made simply from metal and plastic. Anaglyph glasses are used to determine a number of optical disorders, including colour blindness.

This pair was made by the American Optical Co. Instrument Division in Buffalo, NY. They belonged to Dr. John Likely (1919-1999), who was born and raised in Saint John until his father encouraged him to go into medicine. He eventually opened his own office in Fredericton. His wife, Carole Likely, worked as a registered nurse for 26 years at the Chalmers Hospital. She spent three years working as his assistant out of their home. Likely met her husband through work at the hospital, and they married in 1984. Dr. Likely spent his remaining years enjoying his hobbies as well as spending quality time with his family.

York Sunbury Historical Society Program & Annual General Meeting

Irish Language in New Brunswick  with Brad Gaunce

19 April 2012 @ 7pm

The York Sunbury Historical Society will be hosting its Annual General Meeting on 19 April 2012 at Government House.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 7pm and will hopefully only last 45 to 60 minutes.  Please join us!  Admission is free and you do not have to be a member to attend!

The York Sunbury Historical Society hosts a lecture on the third Thursday of most months.  All evening programs take place at Government House (51 Woodstock Road, Fredericton).  We can park on site and come in the side entrance.