Historic Wedding Dress

This beautiful 1950’s wedding dress is one of many items found in a recently purchased Grand Lake cottage that used to belong to the Chavanne family. The items belonged to Exa Marie (Lister) Chavannes who is now residing in Sarasota, Florida.

Exa Marie Chavanne's Wedding Dress, Front

Detailing on the front of dress and along the bottom of the first layer of the dress

Long train, back of dress

Exa was an opera singer and was 30 years old when she married Marc Alfred Chavannes in 1950. Exa lived on Charlotte Street is our very own Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Exa’s father, G. R. Lister, was a dentist working on Queen Street, Fredericton.

Old advertisement for G. R. Lister Dentistry

Her husband was a physicist and co-inventor of bubble wrap! He is featured on the following website for his invention: http://www.inc.com/ss/14-inventors-we-love#9

Exa is now 91 years old. If anyone has more information on this wedding dress, please let us know!


3 responses to “Historic Wedding Dress

  1. I have a photo of Marie wearing this dress if you are interested. Her three bridesmaids and two flower girls are also in the photo. The photo was taken, I assume, earlier on the wedding day as the groom and groomsmen are not in the photo. Marie died earlier this year in Florida; she was my father’s first cousin.

    • Bonny,

      Thank you so much for your offer! We would love to have a copy of the photo. Would you be able to tell us more about Marie? We would like to include a write-up about her when we exhibit the dress but know very little about her. If you wish, you could call my office at 455-6041.


  2. Exa was the granddaughter of Frances Gustavia Wetmore, herself the granddaughter of Attorney-General Thomas Wetmore. She married in 1860 – I wonder where this dress with its beautiful detailing, could have come down in the family.

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