“New Home” Sewing Machine Needs a New Home

Sue contacted the Fredericton Region Museum recently in an effort to find her antique sewing machine a new home.  We can’t take it, but I thought I would try to help her.  If she does not find a home for the machine, then it will be destined for the dump and we would rather see it go to a new home.

If you have a question or think that you can provide a home for Sue’s antique “New Home” sewing machine then please leave a comment on the blog.  I’m told that the patents dates on the throat plate are from 1871 to 1879 and that it works.

New Home Sewing Machine Company


5 responses to ““New Home” Sewing Machine Needs a New Home

  1. WhiteFeather, Executive Director of the Charlotte Street Arts and Learning Centre might have an idea if the College of Craft and Design could use it.

    The Leonard Tilley House in Gagetown might be interested; and, Tim Isaac’s auction house in Saint John would probably sell it for the owner. Tim is always around Fredericton on business and would likely pick it up.

  2. Sue might go to http://www.ismacs.net/newhome/home.html the home page of the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society. They have a 1-800 number…

  3. The Agricultural Museum in Sussex is very interested in this sewing machine.
    Please contact Erin McKenna 433-5737

  4. I’m pleased to report that Sue’s sewing machine has found a new home in the Agricultural Museum in Sussex! Thanks Erin!

  5. And thank you Emilie for your suggestions!

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