A Taste of History: Part 2 SODA POP!


August 8th & 9th

Fizzy Creations: A History of Soda Pop!
Age: 5-12
Date: August 8th and 9th 2011
Time: 10-12 PM
Admission: $10 Per child

Before Pepsi and Coca Cola, people enjoyed bubbly natural spring water as they were fascinated by the fizzling fluid. For many years drinking carbonated water was seen as a healthy practice to which pharmacists would add birch bark, dandelion, sarsaparilla and fruit extracts for natural flavors. Suddenly the race was on to patent the best, most refreshing Soda pop. Join us on Monday and/or Tuesday, August 8th and 9th 2011 as we voyage through this incredible history and put ourselves to the task of creating our own formula of Soda pop. The most delicious creation will win a prize! Sign up with the pre registration form below and get your tickets today!


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