Miss Belle Moore & George Taylor

Found this interesting story in Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics.  A big thank you to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick for making this database available on-line! 

Transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson.

Volume 98 Number 2359
Date February 19 1895
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

Fredericton Herald: A marriage is to be celebrated at Boston on Wednesday next under peculiar circumstances. Nearly eleven years ago Miss Belle MOORE of this city was married to George TAYLOR, employed with George A. BURKHARDT as an assistant in his photographic studio and Mr. Taylor went to the Moore residence on St. John street to live with his wife as an inmate of her mother’s household. But the couple did not agree very long, and not long after a son was born to them. Mr. Taylor went to Boston, his wife remaining with her mother. Mrs. Taylor after a time went to Calais, where she resided long enough to secure a divorce under the U.S. law and returned to Fredericton free. It will be eleven years ago nect Wednesday since the first wedding, the re-marriage being planned to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the former event. For a number of years the parties did not correspond nor have anything to do with each other, but recently, during the past year, through the intervention of mutual friends at especially at Mr. Taylor’s request, letters have regularly passed between them, he urging another trial of matrimony. Mrs. Taylor at last consented, and if all goes well she will leave St. Mary’s, her present home, and on Wednesday husband and wife will be united. The boy, issue of the first marriage, will accompany his mother to Boston. Mr. Taylor is said to occupy a good position in Boston.

Volume 61 Number 367 
Date March 1 1884
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
m. At residence of bride’s mother, Fredericton (York Co.) 20th ult., by Rev. A.J. Mowatt, George M. TAYLOR / Belle MOORE third d/o late Richard MOORE, formerly of Brooklyn, New York.

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