Gallery Rentals


The Boss's World Exhibit (2009)

The Boss's World Exhibit (2009)

Treat your guests or clients to a unique experience: hold your meeting or workshop in one of the Fredericton Region Museum’s gallery spaces!

Choose from various different galleries.

First Floor Galleries
(wheelchair accessible)
Orientation Gallery
Old Summer Kitchen Gallery
Wood Plank Floor Gallery

Second Floor Galleries
1800 to 1850 Gallery

Gallery Rental Guidelines
The Fredericton Region Museum has guidelines regarding capacity, starting times and general information to help you plan your next meeting.

Building Rental
Is one gallery not enough for your event? Then you might consider renting the first two floors of the Fredericton Region Museum.

Gallery Rental Rates

Furniture, Equipment & Other Things

We welcome your questions and are happy to provide advice and consultation for using the galleries for your next event. Please call or e-mail for an appointment to tour the galleries.

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