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Peekaboo Shadows Theater Show & Reception

Peekaboo Shadow Theatre Show and Reception Program

Peekaboo Shadow Theatre Show and Reception Program

Miguelina Izaguirre’s exhibit of shadow puppetry held its last show at the Fredericton Region Museum last night.

Miguelina Izaguirre, a local artist, applied and had been recruited by the Fredericton Region Museum to provide interactive programming in its exhibit space, starting last July on Canada Day.

Miguelina has been a Fredericton resident for several years now and has recently started up her own theatre company, Peekaboo Shadows Theatre, with the help of her husband, Alejandro Gerones. The company tells stories and interprets history using the art of shadow puppetry, an art form that she has adapted to be incredibly interactive and fun for children of all ages!



Having already taught art and artistic expression for over ten years in Colombia, and acted with several troupes in her home country of Cuba, Miguelina is incredibly knowledgeable about communication through art. She now endeavours to communicate Fredericton’s history to
the public in a novel way.

Her performances at the Fredericton Region Museum centred on the Fredericton Region’s history, and dealt primarily with the story of the Coleman Frog, one of the city’s most whimsical historic tales, and the life of Hannah Ingraham, a Loyalist girl.

Miguelina describes both her art form and her time at the museum as a great opportunity to teach others in a different way.

This project was made possible through the City of Fredericton Arts, Culture & Heritage Grants.



Open House at the Museum – Coming soon!

It’s that time of year again! The Fredericton Region Museum’s annual Open House will take place on Sunday, August 18 (10 am – 5 pm). This is the fifth year the museum has offered a day of free admission to celebrate the summer season, and this year’s Open House promises to be a memorable occasion!

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 3.58.18 PM

This year’s Open House will feature a live performance by local musician Josh Bravener (beginning at 12:30). The museum’s summer artist-in-residence, Peekaboo Shadows Theater, will offer shadow puppetry workshops and performances throughout the day.

Hannah’s Tea Place will be offering refreshments to visitors, while art appreciators may visit the Madrigal Players and Artisans studio shop in the museum building for a wide variety of locally crafted art and sweet treats.

A new interactive component of the museum’s exhibit on the medical history will be unveiled at 11:00 AM. The Black Bag game, based on the iconic black bag of Dr. Everett Chalmers, was funded through generous donations made at last year’s Open House.

At 4:00 PM, the museum’s newest display – a private collection of Swarovski crystal donated by Joan & Kenneth Maybee – will be officially opened in the Orientation Room, with tea and refreshments to follow.

And on top of all this, there’ll be fun activities throughout the day for visitors of all ages – including a scavenger hunt, book sale, loom-knitting lessons, and face painting.

See you there!


Returning Family Pocket Watches Give Timeless Insights into Local Genealogy


This summer, the Fredericton Region Museum acquired a beautiful, yet mismatched,  pair of pocket watches from Philip Johnstone Burpee. Burpee, while living in Alberta, sent the watches back home to New Brunswick. Though the watches have different origins, they have come together through the Burpee family, tying together and continuing New Brunswick’s history.

These watches showcase a wide portion of New Brunswick’s history, reflecting the inter-family relationships and the ingrained history of the province.  The families, while they have substantially dispersed and grown, have held on to their New Brunswick roots and heritage.  The watches act as a solid reminder of our common New Brunswick ancestry – one that has continuously connected families into the present day.

The Hanington Pocket Watch acts as a reminder of the intertwining family and community relationships acting as a basis of New Brunswick’s history. This watch belonged to Reverend E.A.W. Hanington. Hanington, a prominent religious figure in the region, took over the Maugerville and Burton parishes in 1866. His daughter, Maud, later married Lawrence Johnstone Burpee.

The Eliza Bentley Pocket Watch ties to the Reverend E.A.W. Watch through the inter-family marriages in the region. While the watch has a strong connection to the DeMill family, it eventually fell into the hands of Lawrence Johnstone Burpee. Lawrence, whose Grandfather (a DeMill) allegedly owned two ships named after Bentley, later came in possession of the watch.

Between Lawrence and Maud Burpee the two watches, and several families, have been drawn together in these small memorials of local history. It is through this level of local preservation that the story of the Burpee’s and their pocket watches has survived.

The Fredericton Region Museum is holding an event in recognition of local artist Linda Bartlett!

Linda Bartlett has become an increasingly high profile artist in the Fredericton Region. Her home in Sheffield has inspired a whole series of historic and contemporary landscapes that she has shared with the public in such places as the United church in Sheffield and, most recently, the Art Attic.

The Art Attic is Linda’s personally designed and hand-crafted studio. The paintings now hang there to be enjoyed by artists who stop by in response to Linda’s open invitation to artists seeking creative space. If you’re interested in learning more about the Art Attic, follow this link to the Facebook page.

Linda has recently published a collection of her works depicting the Sheffield area called Sheffield A Place in Time. It is for this reason that the event is being held. The publication of Sheffield A Place in Time, with its stunning collection of landscapes, coincides with the 250th anniversary of the Maugerville/Sheffield area, making it an exceptional commemoration and testament to the historic and contemporary beauty of the area.

The evening will also feature a performance by Inishowen fiddle winner Sidney Murgatroyd, who has been honoured in his own right, on several occasions. 


Fredericton Region Museum Tea Party

The Fredericton Region Museum is hosting a fancy tea party!  Kids 5-12 are invited to the museum on August 11 at 2:00 to join us in a spot of tea and an etiquette lesson from renowned etiquette coach Jay Remer.

Make sure to wear your finest attire and bring your best manners!Image

Tickets for the tea party are $12.00 per participant (or $6.00 for York Sunbury Historical Society members) and must be purchased ahead of time.  For more information, call 455-6041 or visit the museum

The Madrigal Players and Artisans Have Opened Up Shop!

An artists’ co-op has rented out space in the Fredericton Region Museum and is selling a variety of merchandise including local art, jewellery, and sweet treats. Often playing music under the arches of the Museum, the Madrigal Players and Artisans are a welcomed source of local artistic culture, and we’re happy to have them on board this summer.

They have opted to stay open seven days a week alongside the museum, but open at eleven (noon on Sundays).

Members of the co-op include Sweet Treats by V; Madrigal Music, Art, and Dance; Voluptuous Designs, Jewellery That Fits; The Owl and the Pussycat; Pinafores and More; Lynn’s Knits; and Butch and Judy Lynn Savoie.

The co-op is also offering classes with a few of its members. Classes ranging from jewellery making, and cupcake decorating, to writing, and calligraphy will be offered. Classes in a variety of musical instruments are also available. If you are interested, e-mail, or come by the shop in Officer’s Square.

Madrigal Artisans' Co-op

Our Artist-in-Residence, Miguelina Izaguirre, has made the paper!

Photo - Press

Lori Gallagher has picked up the story of Miguelina’s art here at the Fredericton Region Museum and published an article surrounding it in the July 2nd edition of the Daily Gleaner.

Come in and check out her programming as she puts on workshops and shows each afternoon, Monday to Friday, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The story of the Coleman Frog will be shown from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with workshops running throughout the week.

For the complete schedule, check out her Facebook page:!/pages/Peekaboo-Shadows-Theater/191967994261609?fref=ts

Local History, Local Beer

Thank-you Picaroons Traditional Ales!

Picaroons Traditional Ales launched its commemorative War of 1812 beer this Winter. The beer, celebrating the March of the 104th Regiment of Foot’s trek to Kingston, Ontario, has been crafted by Picaroons to teach local history to the New Brunswick population.

At the Fredericton Region Museum’s “March of the 104th Regiment of Foot’s Trek in Madawaska – Winter 1813” exhibit opening, Picaroons made the exciting announcement of a historic partnership – they are donating 25 cents from the sale of each bottle of the 104th Regiment Brown Ale to the Fredericton Region Museum!

This donation is the first of many partnerships Picaroons hopes to do with historic institutions in New Brunswick. The Fredericton Region Museum is extremely excited with Picaroons announcement and we are very grateful for their generosity.

Only 40, 000 labels have been printed, so hurry to your local NB Liquor store and get your 104th Regiment Brown Ale before it’s all gone!

Miguelina Izaguirre is prepared to start her dynamic, kid-friendly programming July 1st

Miguelina Izaguirre has released her July schedule for her programming at the Fredericton Region Museum. She is offering both performances of historic tales, and workshops to teach others how to create art from their own shadows.

1-1:30- Welcome  and introductions
1-2:30  Workshop and games: Playing with shadows and our body (kids and parents). An approach to the magic world of shadows
3.00 -4:00- Shadows Show: FRED AND THE FROG, A GREAT FRIENDSHIP.
4:00-5:00 Samples of shadow puppetry.

1:00-2:30- Samples of shadow puppetry (silhouettes, light and movement)
3:00-4:00  Workshop and games (for the kids): How to create a shadow puppet?
4:00-5:00- Samples of shadow puppetry.

1:00-2:00 Workshop and games (for the kids): Singing and dancing with shadows.

1:00 2:00 Workshop and games: Hand shadows
3:00-5 Games with the light: a game with lots of lights!

1:00-2:00 Workshop and games: Coloring the light (transparencies and colors)


For more images like this, see the Peekaboo Shadows Facebook Page at –

Sending a BIG “Thank You!” to The Lighting Gallery


The Fredericton Region Museum would like to thank the lighting gallery for their help with installing lighting in our newly renovated display cabinet. Because of their generosity, we are able to showcase an exciting upcoming display in our Orientation Room. 

the lighting gallery
840 Hanwell Road
Fredericton, NB 
(506) 453-0021