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2014 Summer Student Jobs at the History Museum!

yorksunbury-1.jpgThe Fredericton Region Museum has a limited number of summer student opportunities each year. As funding is dependent upon grants Young Canada WorksStudent Employment Experience Development and Canada Summer Jobs), interested students should research the youth employment programs and ensure that they qualify and, if applicable, are registered with the program candidate banks. Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) applications have an early deadline so please submit your application on time!

The summer student grant deadlines have come and gone and the Fredericton Region Museum has submitted several applications. There is no guarantee that we will be receiving funding but if you are a student and interested in working at the museum then you should be registered with SEED, Young Canada Works and check out the Canada Summer Jobs website. If any of the grants are approved then we will be updating the website and posting it to Facebook so check back on a regular basis!

We will not be approved for all grants so if you are interested in working at the Fredericton Region Museum during the summer then we suggest that you apply for more than one position.  The Fredericton Region Museum has submitted student grant applications for the following positions:

Young Canada Works
- Artefact Cataloguing Officer
Manager of Education and Interpretation
Museum Operations Coordinator 

Canada Summer Jobs
Development Assistant
- Education Assistant

Student Employment Experience Development (SEED)
Collections Assistant
- Public Program Officer 

For information about the positions and how to apply, visit

About the Fredericton Region Museum: The York Sunbury Historical Society founded the Fredericton Region Museum in 1934.  In 1959, the museum found permanent headquarters in the Officers’ Quarters (571 Queen Street) in the heart of downtown Fredericton.  The society and museum remain a non-profit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers.

March 2014 Newsletter

March 2014
YSHS Annual General Meeting; Museum Summer Day Camps; We are Looking for Summer Camp Sponsorships; Learning About the Past from our Future!; Membership Renewals

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January 2014 Newsletter

January 2014
The FRM Welcomes Three UNB Interns!; Membership Renewal Reminder; Sir John Eh? The Road Show; Looking for Volunteer Writers for Officers’ Quarters

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November 2013 Newsletter

November 2013 Museum Commemorates World War I; Christmas Party Announcement; Message from the Publication Chair; AMNB Honours YSHS Members; A Message from Your Membership Chair

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DSC08966 (1)

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September 2013 Newsletter

September 2013 Spectacular Summer at the Fredericton Region Museum; A Fun-Filled Time at the Fredericton Region Museum Open House; Tea Party Update; A BIG Thank You from Hannah Ingraham; Thank You Staff and Volunteers; Don’t Forget Your 104th Regiment Brown Ale; Goodbye Peekaboo Shadows!; York Sunbury Historical Society September Program

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Mystery Tool!

A beautiful wooden tool, it looks like a plane; "A tool consisting of a block with a projecting steel blade, used to smooth a wooden or other surface by paring shavings from it." (Dictionary dot com)

A beautiful wooden tool, it looks like a plane; “A tool consisting of a block with a projecting steel blade, used to smooth a wooden or other surface by paring shavings from it.” (Dictionary dot com)

What is it?

A gentleman dropped by the Fredericton Region Museum office yesterday to see if I could help him identify his latest yard sale purchase.  A beautiful tool, we expect it’s a plane.  We both agreed that it is a stunning piece made with what appears to be bird’s eye maple.  It looks like a dual purpose tool with a plane on one side and some sort of groove maker on the other.  The odd feature of the plane is the curved shape of the tool itself and the curve on the blade.  I hope that you can see that in the picture of the blade that I took.

More information would be appreciated.  If you have any thoughts on the piece to share, please write them in the comments below.  Thank you!

Note the curve in the blade.

Note the curve in the blade.

The reverse side of the tool, perhaps this side creates a groove.

The reverse side of the tool, perhaps this side creates a groove.

The tool with a 12 inch (30cm) ruler to give an idea of its size.

The tool with a 12 inch (30cm) ruler to give an idea of its size.

Peekaboo Shadows Theater Show & Reception

Peekaboo Shadow Theatre Show and Reception Program

Peekaboo Shadow Theatre Show and Reception Program

Miguelina Izaguirre’s exhibit of shadow puppetry held its last show at the Fredericton Region Museum last night.

Miguelina Izaguirre, a local artist, applied and had been recruited by the Fredericton Region Museum to provide interactive programming in its exhibit space, starting last July on Canada Day.

Miguelina has been a Fredericton resident for several years now and has recently started up her own theatre company, Peekaboo Shadows Theatre, with the help of her husband, Alejandro Gerones. The company tells stories and interprets history using the art of shadow puppetry, an art form that she has adapted to be incredibly interactive and fun for children of all ages!



Having already taught art and artistic expression for over ten years in Colombia, and acted with several troupes in her home country of Cuba, Miguelina is incredibly knowledgeable about communication through art. She now endeavours to communicate Fredericton’s history to
the public in a novel way.

Her performances at the Fredericton Region Museum centred on the Fredericton Region’s history, and dealt primarily with the story of the Coleman Frog, one of the city’s most whimsical historic tales, and the life of Hannah Ingraham, a Loyalist girl.

Miguelina describes both her art form and her time at the museum as a great opportunity to teach others in a different way.

This project was made possible through the City of Fredericton Arts, Culture & Heritage Grants.



Open House at the Museum – Coming soon!

It’s that time of year again! The Fredericton Region Museum’s annual Open House will take place on Sunday, August 18 (10 am – 5 pm). This is the fifth year the museum has offered a day of free admission to celebrate the summer season, and this year’s Open House promises to be a memorable occasion!

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 3.58.18 PM

This year’s Open House will feature a live performance by local musician Josh Bravener (beginning at 12:30). The museum’s summer artist-in-residence, Peekaboo Shadows Theater, will offer shadow puppetry workshops and performances throughout the day.

Hannah’s Tea Place will be offering refreshments to visitors, while art appreciators may visit the Madrigal Players and Artisans studio shop in the museum building for a wide variety of locally crafted art and sweet treats.

A new interactive component of the museum’s exhibit on the medical history will be unveiled at 11:00 AM. The Black Bag game, based on the iconic black bag of Dr. Everett Chalmers, was funded through generous donations made at last year’s Open House.

At 4:00 PM, the museum’s newest display – a private collection of Swarovski crystal donated by Joan & Kenneth Maybee – will be officially opened in the Orientation Room, with tea and refreshments to follow.

And on top of all this, there’ll be fun activities throughout the day for visitors of all ages – including a scavenger hunt, book sale, loom-knitting lessons, and face painting.

See you there!


Returning Family Pocket Watches Give Timeless Insights into Local Genealogy


This summer, the Fredericton Region Museum acquired a beautiful, yet mismatched,  pair of pocket watches from Philip Johnstone Burpee. Burpee, while living in Alberta, sent the watches back home to New Brunswick. Though the watches have different origins, they have come together through the Burpee family, tying together and continuing New Brunswick’s history.

These watches showcase a wide portion of New Brunswick’s history, reflecting the inter-family relationships and the ingrained history of the province.  The families, while they have substantially dispersed and grown, have held on to their New Brunswick roots and heritage.  The watches act as a solid reminder of our common New Brunswick ancestry – one that has continuously connected families into the present day.

The Hanington Pocket Watch acts as a reminder of the intertwining family and community relationships acting as a basis of New Brunswick’s history. This watch belonged to Reverend E.A.W. Hanington. Hanington, a prominent religious figure in the region, took over the Maugerville and Burton parishes in 1866. His daughter, Maud, later married Lawrence Johnstone Burpee.

The Eliza Bentley Pocket Watch ties to the Reverend E.A.W. Watch through the inter-family marriages in the region. While the watch has a strong connection to the DeMill family, it eventually fell into the hands of Lawrence Johnstone Burpee. Lawrence, whose Grandfather (a DeMill) allegedly owned two ships named after Bentley, later came in possession of the watch.

Between Lawrence and Maud Burpee the two watches, and several families, have been drawn together in these small memorials of local history. It is through this level of local preservation that the story of the Burpee’s and their pocket watches has survived.